Horário: Todos os dias. Das 10h00 às 12h30 e das 14h00 às 18h00. (Aberto, parcialmente, devido às obras de reabilitação do edifício)

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About Us


The Great Museum
Estimated by Romans in 1961

Give us any chance well take it Give us any rule we'll break it. We're

  • March 1961

    The establishment of our museum, with two professional tourist agents, in small office in Boston.

  • June 1998

    Last of Americas deep space probes. If you have a problem if no one else can help and if you

  • May 2004

    They were four men living all together yet they were all alone.

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Capela Sao Joao Evangelista
Capela São João Evangelista
Sala das Tapeçarias
Sala das Tapeçarias
Sala André Reinoso
Sala André Reinoso
Sala Arqueologia
Sala da Arqueologia
Sala Azulejos
Sala dos Azulejos
Sala Grão Vasco
Sala Grão Vasco
Sala Ourivesaria
Sala da Ourivesaria
Sala da Paramentaria
Sala da Paramentaria
Sala das Tapeçarias
Sala das Tapeçarias
Salao Nobre
Salão Nobre

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